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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-19
Novice Xiaobai wants to get into the pit of makeup, and he really can't do it without one or two 'brushes'. But there are too many makeup brushes. There are so many foundation makeup brushes wholesale and powder brushes. How should I choose? The sisters in Xinshou Village are entangled online! Today, Instant Noodle Sauce will talk about the selection of common makeup brushes. If you choose brushes in this way, you will basically not step on thunder! 1. Foundation brush: a flat head is better. Base makeup is the foundation of makeup. Let’s talk about the foundation brush first. Foundation brushes can generally be divided into flat head type and flat head type. The flat head type is also called the duck tongue type, which can easily push the foundation away and retain the concealing power of the foundation, but it is easy to leave makeup brushes wholesale marks, and the requirements for the technique are relatively high. If you are a novice, Instant Noodle Sauce recommends a flat-head foundation brush, which can spread the foundation evenly on the face in circles, and at the same time does not eat much powder, which is more friendly to novices. Instant Noodle Sauce likes Bianka's big flat foundation brush very much. The 70mm large brush head can easily handle the base makeup, for beginners&Handicapped people are very friendly. The bristles are soft and dense, and the foundation can be even and docile with a single swipe, completely supernatural like a second skin. The design of the tip of the water drop is very considerate, and even the small details of the nose and mouth can be taken care of! 2. Eye shadow brush: buy a set Eye shadow is a more 'delicate' part of makeup, and more brushes are used, but how to choose an eye shadow brush? In fact, novices do not have much concept of eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale. If you want to choose one by one, you may buy a bunch of duplicate brushes. It is more convenient and simple to buy a set of brushes directly. Eyeshadow brush sets generally include color spreading brushes and smudge brushes, which are completely sufficient for beginners. Try out eye shadow with a brush set, and then buy a single eye shadow brush that works well, so you don't waste money. The set of instant noodle sauce, I like Landis's very much, it is simply the mother of novices! In the eye shadow part, there are color spreading brushes, detailing brushes and smudge brushes, all of which are clearly arranged for you, and you can use them to survive the novice village. Although it is made of artificial fiber hair, it is superior in that the hair is fine and soft, and it does not shed easily. It feels great to use, and it is worth buying! 3. Blush brush: the flame head is more smooth. Many internet celebrity blush brushes are round and fluffy brushes, but it is really difficult for novices to control. If you are not careful, you will draw embarrassing monkey butt blush! For the handicapped party or Xiaobai, it is best to choose a pointed flame brush, which can easily control the range of blush, and can also be combined with different techniques to create a gradual blush effect, and it is not easy to overturn! 4. Loose powder brush: the bristles should be fluffy. Loose powder brush is definitely a must-have for every makeup girl, and the brush will directly affect the makeup effect. For a loose powder brush, it is best to choose an excellent player with a large enough brush head and fluffy bristles, so that the makeup can be set quickly, and the loose powder can be spread evenly without agglomeration and jamming. When setting makeup, remember to swipe the loose powder first, and then quickly sweep it in circular motions, so that you can easily set the makeup! 5. Lip brush: The flat head does not shed hair. If you want to get a beautiful lip makeup effect, arrange a lip brush quickly! There are round and flat lip brushes. For beginners, it is best to choose a flat lip brush. It is very convenient to outline the lip shape or fill in the lip color, and even handicapped people can easily control it. In addition, when buying a lip brush, you must pay attention to it, and you must choose the one with relatively solid bristles. In this way, the lipstick will not have the embarrassment of hair loss, and the color of the lipstick will be more uniform and full~ After reading this article, I believe that the sisters in Xinshoucun know how to choose a makeup brush. Makeup beginners start with the above few models, which can meet the needs of daily makeup~
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