Beautiful makeup brushes are very popular on Douyin!

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
Different brushes can create different effects of makeup. People who make up often have a lot of treasures for the role and use of various brushes. In the makeup bag of beauty makeup experts, there are definitely a few brushes that she likes. . Attentive learners will also find that in the beauty programs and beauty contests hosted by beauty experts, the tools in the hands of masters are always different from ordinary brushes, which may be difficult to identify at first glance, but when you take a careful inventory, you You will find that in the world of brushes, every famous brush has always been closely following the trend of the times, with a combination of texture and makeup. In fact, brushes also pay attention to the level of rank. Using these tools can make the makeup more natural and docile, turn into a refined model, and become the most desirable self.   It is suitable for viewing and practical, changing your face every year   What did you compete with in the past? The texture of the brush, the texture of the fiber, the complete variety or the portable design. Nowadays, the refinement of the combined elements has made a brand-new change in the handle and shape of the brush. The customized brushes meet the needs of high-end consumer groups, and each series of sets preserves the symbols of a local culture.   And these appearance improvements are not simply adding hardware components to increase its weight in the hands. But it wins with a very coordinated visual effect and a lightweight experience. For those who are accustomed to using wooden brush handles, lead-colored brush bodies and gold-plated series, they will undoubtedly gain a sense of surprise and capture their aesthetic preferences in a low-key manner. At the exhibition in the second half of the year, the reporter noticed the various brushes created by the packaging company. In addition to the gorgeous handle body, the color of the bristles is consistent with the theme, and there are also several standing and retractable brushes. It is not uncommon, or shows the user's enthusiastic and cheerful personality, or contains the user's calm and introverted temperament. The functional improvement, the increase in the frequency of use of cosmetics with different connotations, and the sensitive skin problems caused by excessive cleaning or unclean cleaning, make people begin to pay attention to the details of the ingredients and safety of each product. Such detailed review will be determined by the product. Transition itself to beauty tools.  The unique brushes sold on Douyin, on the basis of keeping the cutting natural, the handle has already bid farewell to the plastic that is left to people in the past, and it fits perfectly with the hand shape. In addition to the basic brushes, functional sculpted facial contour brushes and skin care brushes are well-crafted. In fact, the skin care brush is just something that has not been specifically named. It is only shown to the intended customers. In addition to the basic function of ensuring perfect outline of the details, this secret product has a unique effect on antibacterial and absorption of texture and cosmetic residues, covering the eyes and face. Part of the makeup, or will be visible in the high-end brush lineup in the near future.   drives the surrounding derivative upgrades   is like a good horse with a good saddle, brush bag as a peripheral extension of brush tool has been combined with urban ol, regional culture, gorgeous fascination and many other ways of expression. In terms of materials and specifications, it also draws inspiration from the technological evolution of handbags, cosmetic bags, and leather bags. Sometimes it is more like a personalized small handbag, which has jumped out of the scope of being a simple brush bag as a storage tool. While removing the complexity to be simple, light and concise, there are also many choices for the form of the brush package. High-end positioning brushes are often decorated with satin, fur and other outer materials, or metal magnetic buckle colored diamond bags, etc. In this type of design, we can see the shadow of light luxury handbags, which is mature and consumption ability. Strong customer demand, using texture and sense to convey beauty and goodness. The brush bags of the girl series and the light fashion series focus on colorful, waterproof and IP-themed packaging. When the benefits of makeup outlets become greater and greater, people will naturally pay attention to the upgrade and replacement of beauty tools, and brushes are placed on makeup for upgrading, and the beautiful prices that accompany this upgrade will gradually attract the attention of the audience. .
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