Are you using the right makeup brushes?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-22

Even if you use the same cosmetics, the makeup you draw by yourself is far from that of a professional stylist. In addition to the amount of products, the order of application, and the mastery of techniques, the use of makeup brushes is also a key factor. You don’t have to have hundreds of makeup brushes like a professional makeup artist. Just choose the right brush, and you can create professional-grade makeup in no time! Are natural materials better than man-made fibers? In fact, the use of different materials is due to the needs of different functional makeup brushes. Animal hair has completely natural hair scales, which have a good powder absorption effect and a soft texture; while artificial hair materials are hard, but the advantage is that it is easy to clean and is suitable for animal hair. People with allergies. Generally speaking, soft makeup brushes are suitable for powder cosmetics, hard brushes are suitable for applying cream cosmetics, and harder ones are used for eyebrow brushes and eyelash brushes. A complete set of makeup brushes of the same brand is usually made of different animal hairs, and top-level makeup brushes are also used in combination with different animal hairs. The control of their proportions and softness is like the proportion of fragrances in perfume, which is also an art. Dominique Monketova and Heidi Mohavez, creative directors of CHANEL makeup, used goat hair and horse mane to make blush brushes and contouring brushes, making the brushes moderately soft and hard, making it easier to apply makeup. The most common material for makeup brushes Mink hair: It is an excellent material for making brushes. The hair is soft and suitable for sensitive eyes. Goat hair: moderate hardness, suitable for large brushes, such as loose powder brushes, blush brushes and honey powder brushes. Horse hair: There are several types of thick horse hair, pony hair, and horse mane. They are used for different brushes. The horse hair is characterized by softness but not fluffy. For example, the blush brush is suitable for pony hair, so that the color of the blush is more uniform . Man-made fibers: Today's technology can make artificial fur very realistic. Man-made fiber brushes are elastic and can reduce the amount of foundation used. Make-up brushes made of high-grade nylon can effectively avoid animal hair allergies.

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