Are the makeup brushes you use often used in the right place? Let's take a look at the correct use of makeup brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-17
If you want to draw a delicate and beautiful makeup look, makeup tools are essential. We know a lot about the beauty sponge. The beauty sponge is used to apply liquid foundation, but do you know about makeup brushes? If you often use makeup brushes to make up, you will understand that makeup brushes can help you modify a complete and delicate makeup. If you want your makeup to look natural and beautiful in the eyes of others, makeup brushes are essential. Makeup brushes can help You modify the face shape, help you draw the eye shadow effect you want, and can help you improve your skin tone and other makeup effects. In general, a set of makeup brushes can help you get all the makeup looks done, but your makeup brushes are useful Is it right? Do you clearly understand how it is used and how it works? Come and learn how to use makeup brushes correctly. Many people have a headache seeing these large and small makeup brushes. They don’t know where to use these makeup brushes and how to use them. In fact, you only need to know which parts of the makeup brushes we often use should be used for you to operate makeup. It will be very simple to brush. 1: Fan-shaped brush The fan-shaped brush is the largest brush among all makeup brushes. It can be used to help you clean up excess powder on the face. After setting the makeup, use a fan-shaped makeup brushes wholesale to sweep away the excess loose powder on the face to make the makeup look clean and clear. Sometimes it can also be used to brush the highlights on the cheekbones of the face. 2. Makeup Loose Powder The makeup loose powder brush is different from the fan-shaped brush. It has a round brush head, and the brush head is also relatively large. It is used to set makeup after the base makeup is finished. Use a brush to sweep loose powder or powder onto the face On the other hand, the texture of the loose powder brush is relatively soft. It absorbs the powder very well and can help you spread the loose powder evenly on the face. It can also be used to apply blush, but it is best to use the blush brush and loose powder makeup brushes wholesale separately. 3. Contouring brush Contouring brushes are different from loose powder makeup brushes wholesale. Contour brushes are smaller than loose powder brushes and most of them have oblique or oval heads. They can help you with facial contouring, on the bridge of the nose and on both sides of the cheeks , When you apply the repair cream, it can help you evenly sweep it away. 4. Foundation brush In fact, there are many types of foundation brushes, but most of the matching foundation brushes in the makeup makeup brushes wholesale we often see are the one in the picture. This foundation brush is flat and can be used to Applying liquid foundation evenly is not easy to absorb powder, but it is difficult for novices to operate, because it is not easy to apply evenly, and many beauty bloggers prefer to use a foundation brush, which is convenient and clean. 5. Eye shadow brushes There are the most types of eye shadow brushes. Eye shadow brushes account for about half of a set of makeup brushes, but you can’t do without eye shadow brushes if you want to draw a delicate makeup. Eye shadow brushes can help you eye shadow very well The coloring is relatively uniform and docile, and the painted ones will look much more delicate. It is the most inconvenient for us to use our hands when painting eye shadow. After all, we need to paint very detailed, so eye shadow brushes are essential in makeup.
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