Correct maintenance method for makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2024-03-28

Makeup brushes are an important tool in the makeup process. Correct maintenance methods can extend the life of the brushes and ensure a more refined makeup. However, many people have some common misunderstandings in the maintenance process of makeup brushes, which may affect the use effect of the brushes. The editor below will introduce you to some common misunderstandings and provide correct maintenance methods.

1. Clean the brush with hot water: Some people think that using hot water can clean the brush better, but in fact, overheated water temperature may cause the bristles to deform and even cause the glue to fall off . Overheated water can also damage the brush handle. Correct method: Use warm water to clean the brush, not too high a temperature. You can choose warm tap water or pour an appropriate amount of warm water into a bowl.

2. Use ordinary soap to clean: Some people may use ordinary soap commonly found at home to clean the brush, which may cause the bristles to be too dry, lose elasticity, and affect the service life. The right approach: Choose a dedicated makeup brush cleaner or mild shampoo, which usually cleans the bristles more gently.

3. Rub the bristles hard: Rubbing the bristles too hard may cause the bristles to break and fall off, especially for brushes with natural hair. Correct method: Gently rub it in the palm of your hand or on the brush net, and gently stroke it with your fingers along the direction of the bristles to slowly fall off the makeup residue.

4. Drying the brush casually: Drying the wet brush casually may cause moisture to penetrate into the brush handle, causing the brush handle to deform or become moldy. Correct method: Dry naturally in a ventilated place. You can choose a special brush holder or hang the brush to ensure that the moisture is fully evaporated.

5. Clean the brush handle from time to time: The brush handle is an often overlooked part, but if it is not cleaned for a long time, it may cause bacteria to breed and affect the hygiene of the makeup brush. Correct method: Use wet wipes or alcohol-based cotton pads to wipe the brush handle regularly to maintain overall hygiene.

6. Replace makeup brushes from time to time: Makeup brushes also have a lifespan. Excessive use may cause the bristles to harden and fall off, affecting the makeup effect. Correct method: Check the condition of the bristles regularly. If there is obvious deformation or shedding, you need to consider replacing the brush with a new one.

Correct makeup brush maintenance methods can ensure the life and performance of the brush. Avoid the above common misunderstandings and adopt scientific and gentle maintenance methods to keep your makeup brushes clean and soft for a longer period of time, providing better results for your makeup.

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