Add layers of makeup by changing how you use your makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2024-03-30

Changing the application method of makeup brushes can effectively add layers of makeup and make the overall makeup more three-dimensional and vivid. The following are some suggestions:

How to use a foundation brush:

When using a foundation brush to apply makeup, you can try starting from the center of the face and gently brushing outwards. This creates a natural transitional base makeup effect.

In order to increase the layering, you can use a lighter foundation in areas that need to be brightened (such as the T zone, above the cheekbones), and tap lightly with a foundation brush to blend the color naturally.

How to use concealer brush:

Concealer brush can not only cover blemishes, but also add layering to makeup. For example, using a concealer that's slightly lighter than your skin tone in the under-eye triangle can brighten your eyes and make your eyes brighter.

Use different shades of concealer and apply it locally with a concealer brush to create a light and shadow effect on the face, thus increasing the three-dimensional effect.

How to use a blush brush:

A blush brush can not only be used to create a sweet and lovely blush look, but can also be used to add layers through different application methods. feel. For example, starting just below your cheekbones and sweeping your blush upwards can create a natural-looking lift.

Try using blush products of different textures (such as cream, powder), and apply them with a blush brush to create rich color levels.

How to use contouring brush:

Contouring brush is a key tool for creating three-dimensional makeup. Apply dark contouring powder on the hairline, below the cheekbones, and along the jawline to narrow the contours of the face and make it more three-dimensional.

In order to increase the sense of layering, you can use different colors or textures in the contouring part to create a more natural effect.

How to use eye shadow brush:

Eye shadow brush can be used to create rich eye makeup effects. Try using eyeshadow brushes of different sizes to apply different shades of eyeshadow colors to create a layered eye makeup.

Use dark eye shadow in the eye sockets as a base, then use light eye shadow above the eyelids to brighten, and finally use bright eye shadow in the center of the eyes to make the eyes more lively.

How to use the nose shadow brush:

Use the nose shadow brush to apply dark contouring powder on both sides of the nose to narrow the nose and make the nose look more straight.

In order to increase the sense of hierarchy, you can use light-colored highlighter powder on the bridge of the nose to brighten it, contrasting with the dark color of the nose, making the nose more three-dimensional.

In addition, there are some other tips that can help you add layers of makeup:

Use makeup brushes of different textures, such as soft and delicate ones. Combining a powder brush with a dense blush brush can make the makeup more natural and harmonious.

Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of makeup brushes. Regular cleaning of makeup brushes can keep them in good condition and avoid bacterial growth that affects skin health.

By mastering the use of these makeup brushes, you can easily create a layered makeup look and show a more charming charm. At the same time, remember to keep exploring and trying new methods in practice to find the makeup techniques that work best for you.
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