A brief description of the maintenance and use of cosmetic brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-21

The ancients said: If a craftsman wants to be good at his work, he must first sharpen his tools. If there are no easy-to-use brushes, how can he paint perfect makeup? [Using brushes correctly] There are two types of eyebrow brushes/eyelash comb eyebrow brushes, which are angled brushes and spiral brushes. The angled brushes can draw precise lines, while the spiral brushes help to naturally smudge the eyebrows. For styling, the two eyelash brushes can be used separately for different makeup needs. The other end of the eyebrow brush we usually buy will have a hard plastic eyelash comb, which can comb out the clumped mascara and make the eyelashes curl and curl clearly. Eye shadow brush The difference between eye shadow brushes is mainly the different brush head shapes. The wide arc-shaped brush head is more suitable for eye socket priming, while the short flat brush head can gradually smudge the eye crease line. Secondly, the sponge-shaped brush head It can be used to draw thick eyeliner, and it is easier to apply cream eyeshadow for coloring. Powder brush is used to make a primer before makeup or to fix the color after makeup. It can be used for dipping powder or general powder, but in order to make the base makeup more even, it is absolutely necessary to use the powder brush as an auxiliary; if you don’t want to spend more You can buy the rest of the powder brush with money, and you can also use a honey powder brush to replace it. After the makeup is finished, use a honey powder brush to remove the excess powder, and then use the flat part of the brush surface to gently press the entire face. Pay special attention to the fact that it is easy to fall off. The T-shaped part of makeup. Blush brushes are generally soft cone-shaped or fan-shaped brush heads, which can make the blush even and natural, and avoid streaks and stains when used. The method is to dip the blush brush into the blush powder, shake it gently before applying it on the skin, shake off the excess powder and then apply makeup, if the color is not enough, you can slowly make up the color. Do not apply a large amount of blush powder at one time, as this will make the makeup effect too exaggerated. Lip brush The hair of the lip brush is usually relatively soft. There are metal handles and wooden handles. The tip of the brush defines lips while the bristles themselves perfectly color lips. [Special brushes] In addition to our commonly used brushes, some professional makeup brands will launch some special-purpose brushes, such as concealer brushes and foundation brushes. Use a concealer brush to apply concealer to the parts that need to be modified, and it can accurately cover small and small blemishes, especially around the inner eye and nose. Using a concealer brush will be faster and more effective than using your fingers; Take the creamy foundation and lightly dab it on the skin surface to achieve a perfectly modified and natural finish without traces. [Brush cleaning solution] Every time you use the brush, you must clean it thoroughly. Using a mild special cleaning agent can not only effectively remove the residual powder makeup, but also moisturize and maintain the delicate bristles, keeping the bristles fluffy and soft. Cosmetics brushes, eye shadow brushes, makeup brushes, honey powder brushes, is the first choice brand worthy of your trust

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