6 eye makeup brushes to instantly enlarge your eyes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-14

How to use    eye makeup brushes, we also summarized the most commonly used and best used 6 eye makeup brushes, download these pictures and put them in your phone, and take them next time you go to the counter Choose it, and you won’t be wrong!

  eyeshadow brush recommended


   look for natural bristle with thick texture but still thin and round head , Medium-length eyeshadow brush. My favorite usage is to dip the brush head in some water and then shake off the excess water. Dip the eyeshadow powder on the eyeshadow in a circular motion, and then test whether the color shade is suitable (if it is not too light, apply a little more) on the back of the hand. Then flick the brush head to remove the floating powder and gently sweep the entire eyelid.

  NOTE: Cream eyeshadows with subtle glitter or metallic luster last longer than powder eyeshadows. Of course, this brush is also very suitable for brushing the strands and lower eyelids.

  eye folds

   here requires a beveled pointed bristle brush, which can perfectly fit the long and narrow wrinkles and make it easier to create smokey eye makeup.


   This brush is like a wiper on a car. It blends the eyelids and wrinkled eyeshadow colors back and forth to make the hard edges transition. More soft and natural. This step must not be omitted, girls!

  NOTE: I also often use this brush to dip the powder and sweep it on the T zone, so I can completely abandon the large loose powder brush. If you want bright lipstick without taking off your makeup all night, use this brush to apply loose powder and brush on your lips before applying lipstick.

  eyeliner brush recommended

  eyeliner brush (you can choose one of them)

   because there are so many super easy eyeliner (eyeliner Revolution in the product world!), so you need an eyeliner brush. The easiest to use (if you are a novice) is the second curved Angled Brush. It is curved, so when you draw eyeliner in the mirror, it will not block your sight.

   The other two types of beveled and extremely fine-pointed eyeliner brushes depend on personal preference. You can try them at beauty shops like Sephora. I prefer the angled eyeliner brush, because it is very easy to use when taking black eyeshadow and applying it on the line between the root of the eyelashes and the eyes.

   eyebrow brush u0026 halo brush recommended

   eyebrow brush

   choose a double-headed eyebrow brush, one with an oblique angle brush, the other is similar Mascara brush head. You can use a mascara-like brush to comb your eyebrows neatly, and then use an oblique brush to apply brow powder and brush on the eyebrows.

  Color Brush

  This kind of brush has only been invented in recent years, and it has quickly become an essential tool for makeup artists. Many girls hope that the eyeliner will not be so obvious, which will make the eyes look rigid. In the past, I would smear with my fingers to achieve a more natural effect, until the smudge brush appeared. It is much easier to use than fingers. Choosing this natural material with a flat head, short and thick hair can give you the most natural smoking effect.

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