4 tips to teach you how to choose makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-14

  Among many makeup tools, makeup brushes play an irreplaceable role. If you want to make your makeup beautifully and vividly, maybe what you lack is just a set of good makeup tools. Make-up brushes have gone from the hands of professional stylists to the beauty of women. Today I will teach you how to choose makeup brushes!

  4 steps to choose makeup brushes

   Hope: first visually check the softness of makeup brush bristles, if you use them together You can see that the bristles are not smooth, so don't think about it.

  Smell: Smell the brush lightly. A good brush will not smell like paint or glue. Even if it is animal hair, it has only a slight leather smell.

   Question: Tell the makeup artist or professional BA about your needs. Are you a beginner who is new to brushes or a veteran of makeup, the makeup you need to create and the texture of the makeup products, etc. And so on, these will affect the choice of makeup brushes.

   Cut: Sweep the bristles back and forth on the back of the hand several times, and the top grade is the one without the bristles falling off; press the brush head to test the softness of the brush to see if the shape of the bristles is regular. Color eye makeup to create a fresh and pleasant look

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