18 cosmetic brushes introduction with attached pictures-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-08
The 18 makeup brushes are introduced with attached drawings. Many beginners do not understand the usage of makeup makeup brushes wholesale very well, mainly because there are too many types of makeup brushes, and the brushes used for each part or each cosmetic are different. The following editor will answer your questions. 1. Floating powder brush: The floating powder brush looks like a fan, which can remove the powder left on the face during the makeup process and make the makeup more tidy. 2. Foundation brush: It is generally used to apply liquid foundation and cream foundation. Pay attention to the foundation brush to apply evenly and not to vary in thickness. You can also use a wet sponge after brushing for a more natural look. 3. Loose powder brush: used to set makeup. The specific operation method is to dip a small amount of loose powder, evenly set makeup on the face, and remove excess loose powder. Nose sockets, corners of the eyes, which are not easy to brush, can be finely fixed with a powder puff. 4. Eyeshadow makeup brushes wholesale: There are many models of different sizes, which are suitable for different places. Larger eyeshadow brushes are more suitable for large areas of color, and small models are of course suitable for the treatment of details. 5. Blush brush: Generally, it is similar to a loose powder brush, and some are a little smaller than a loose powder brush. Generally, it is designed with an oblique opening, which is more convenient for the structural sense of the painting position. 6. Eyebrow powder brush: Designed with a slant mouth, dip in the eyebrow powder to draw the general eyebrow shape, and then use the eyebrow pencil to paint in detail to make the eyebrow shape more three-dimensional. 7. Eyebrow comb: The eyebrow comb is designed on both sides, and the comb side can be used to comb the eyebrow shape, which is convenient for eyebrow trimming. The comb surface can be used to clean the remaining hair and impurities in the eyebrows. 8. Correction makeup brushes wholesale: The brush head of this kind of brush is very small. It is mainly used for dipping in foundation and concealing blemishes when some places are not handled properly during the makeup process. 9. Lip brush: The bristles of lip brushes are generally a bit hard, and the brush head is small, which can better control the brush head and draw a more three-dimensional outline. The above makeup makeup brushes wholesale are not in order. You can identify the name and function of the makeup brushes according to the real objects provided in the pictures. This is the content of the attached drawings of the 18 makeup brushes shared today. I hope it can help you. Learn more about makeup brushes. Follow the official website.
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