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Basic makeup brushes really need and their application

Basic makeup brushes really need and their application


There are thousands of makeup brushes with various function,  it is difficult to choose the right brushes to buy.  

According to my personal experiences, I would like to suggest the below basic brushes which really need and their application. 

  1. Straitght syntehtic hair foundation makeup brush:This types of hair is hard enough to blend the liquid or cream foundation, but the hair is super fine with good touching feeling, it would protect the skin and make you feel comfortable. 

    Appilcation: Apply the foundation in the center of your face,and sweep the cream or liquid foundation outward from the middle to avoid harsh makeup lines.


  2. Foundation buffer brush: It is normally made out of curved synthetic hair. 

    The feather of curved synthetic hair: Soft: curved synthetic hair is soft with super fine tips to create a seamless makeup face.Similar feeling as goat hair: the perfect brush for powder foundation is goat hair brush, but in order to meet cruelty free consumers, curved synthetic hair is the best choice. 

    Application: applying foundation and creating an airbrush finish


  3. Slanted Contoured blush application:Normally made out of curved synthetic hair or goat hair

    Feature of Slanted blusher brush: Slanted hair shape design to match with the natural line of cheekbones, and make it easier to apply blusher powders.


      4.Kabuki brush:

Feature of kabuki brush:

Hair: Soft hair with densely packed.

Short and wide brush head allowing for quick and easy application of powder over a large area.

Short and flat-ended handle makes it more easier to blending makeup on face to create a flawless look. 

Dense and short bristles also allow the mineral makeup to penetrate deep into the brush, making it easier to pick up powder and apply it evenly.

Why named kabuki brush:

A kabuki brush gets its name from the Japanese style of theater. Popular for many centuries in Japan. 


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