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The innovation of hair for makeup brush kit - Natrafil from Dupont.

The innovation of hair for makeup brush kit - Natrafil from Dupont.


The key between you and the excellent makeup is just an excellent makeup brush kit. What’s kind of makeup brush kit can give you excellent experience on putting on your makeup?

As is known to all, Powder brushes are made with two materials: animal hair and synthetic filament. When it comes to synthetic filament currently on the market, there is no doubt that it, on the one hand, has the advantages of inexpensive price,soft touch and ample supply.But on the other hand,the powder is not able to hook onto the filament,resulting in poor makeup performance of the powder brush,which is a deadly flaw.Therefore,professionals would always prefer natural hair to synthetic filament until recently. However, we still can’t ignore the hygiene,the quality and the issue of animal conservation.

Faced with that situation,DuPont™ Natrafil® first uses science to solve the challenge and keep the softness and natural feel of the brush, while improving the consistency of quality and reliability. Then Natrafil® patented technology ,which is the result of two unique processes, creates a structured surface that optimizes the pick-up and release of makeup powder even better than natural hair does.The two unique processes are as follows.The one is texturing process that creates a soft, but structured, surface enabling powder pick-up.The other is tipping process eroding the first scale of the filament, optimizing the release performance and gives it a luxurious feel.

We are contacting with some suppliers of Natrafil hair to see if possible to import to China. Hope you can get good quality and affordable makeup brushes from Suprabeauty very soon.

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