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Suprabeauty New Bionic Sythetic hair makeup brushes set


Putting on makeup is a part of a daily lives,  makeup brush is an necessary tool for putting on makeup. What’s the most important part of the makeup brushes?  Everyone would pay high attention on its hair, since it is the part of transportation for the makeup from the case to your face,  the better brushes hair, the more flawless makeup face you will have, and the more comfortable feeling you will get.  Then, how to choose the suitable makeup brushes? When choosing makeup brushes, we normally consider the element of eco-friendly , hair quality, functions of each brushes and its cost. Bionic hair is produce to solve these problems and offers you good experiences on using makeup brushes.  


Bionic hair is a top standard synthetic hair, it is made of PCR material and with very similar feathers as the animal hairs.  PCR material is made from corn powder, it is natural and degradable. The hair is pretty soft and comfortable when touching the skin.  And curved design of the hair with good powder picking up and releasing. It is 100% animal free and cruelty, and there’s no smells like goat hair.  The hair is PCR material, and handle is wooden with FSC certified, it is an eco-friendly products to the environment.  


Maybe you would worry about the quality of makeup brushes.  Since in the past times, synthetic hair were hard and rough, which were prick and not comfortable.  Now, 99% of consumer would love the bionic synthetic hair after try them, and the rest 1% still keep to use animal hair. So, don’t worry about the quality, or you can contact with us to get a sample for testing.  


There’s various function makeup brush with goat hair, pony hair, squirrel hair, etc.  How can we use bionic synthetic hair to make different function makeup brushes?  Don’t worry, there’s curved design and straight design with different specification for the bionic synthetic hair.  Normally,  curved design hair is use for making powder brush, blusher brush,  contour brush, blusher brush,  and straight hair is use for making eye show brush, lip brush, etc.  


Does it cost expensive for the bionic synthetic hair?  Absolutely not. Although the price is a little more expensive than regular synthetic hair, but it is much more cheaper than animal hair.


Like source is the soul of hamburger,  Hair is a critical component of makeup brushes. When put on makeup application, the fiber controls how the powder/foundation picked up and applied, blended or smoothed onto the skin.   Good makeup tools would enhances your makeup products and attracts your consumer back to your shop and remember your makeup products.  


Contact with us to create your unique makeup tools.  

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