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Suprabeauty has verified by intertek

Suprabeauty has verified by intertek


During the period of COVID appear,  both supplier and customer got lots problems because of its affection.  

Such as:

-The buyer worry about the reality of the seller. 

-The buyer can not visit factory in China

-THe buyer can not find out who has enough capability for production

-The buyer are doubt about the honest of the seller



In order to solve the above questions and get rid of the worries of buyer, we were inspected by third party.  The inspection including our main products, our office staffs, our factory production capability(such as production line,  machine quantity, staffs,  quality control system, etc).

Everything already finished,  could you please contact with us to get inspection report, and get video about ours and products. 


Our main products are: makeup brushes, makeup sponges,  cosmetics packaging containers and other beauty accessories.

Welcome to contact with us to get more information.  connie@suprabeauty.com

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