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Makeup Brushes - Animal Hair Vs Vegan - Which Is Better?

Makeup Brushes - Animal Hair Vs Vegan - Which Is Better?


What is the best hair material for makeup brushes? What's the difference between animal hair and synthetic brushes? How to choose the suitale makeup brushes? Many consumers and makeup artists, especially the makeup beginners, have this confuse. As a professional makeup brush manufacturer in China, Suprabeauty will tell you the differences between Animal Hair and Vegan makeup brushes in this article.


What's the difference between animal hair and synthetic makeup brushes?


Firstly,  if you need cruelty free and vegan products, you will need to choose synthetic hair for all makeup brushes. And normally use curved hair for powder brushes, blusher brushes, eye grooming brushes, etc.  Anyway, animal hair makeup brushes can bring you good experience on putting makeup. Here’s some information about various hairs for your reference:


Synthetic hair makeup brushes: Price for good quality and thin synthetic hair and cheap quality synthetic hair are not much more difference, we would strongly suggest to use good quality synthetic hair to powder brush, blusher brush.  

Feather of synthetic hair: It is 100% made from PBT, or other nylon hair, and we also have degradable material synthetic hair.  It is very soft, not allergy, no smell and with economic price.  

Soft synthetic hair brings you good touching when putting cosmetics on face.  Curved synthetic hair has good powder pick-up for powder and mineral powder foundation. It is not allergy because it is 100% made of nylon. Of course, it is no smell like animal hairs. And its price is much cheaper then animal hairs.  So, synthetic hair is the most popular hair.  

According to makeup artists experiences, curved synthetic hair is not good for lip brush, brow brush, concealer brush .... since it is to soft.  Considering this problem, we have straight synthetic hair.  Straight synthetic hair is good for making cream powder foundation brush, concealer brush, lip brush, tanning brush, etc, this kind hair normally use for liquid powder, BB cream powder.  

Regarding animal hair makeup brushes,  it is more complicated then synthetic hair.   Animal hair we can use for making makeup brushes are goat hair, pony hair, racoon hair,  squirrel hair, sable hair.  Because price for squirrel hair and sable hair are very expensive,  so goat hair and pony hair are more popular.

You may ask,  if any quality difference on goat hair?  Yes,  we have various difference quality goat hair, normally have 4 standards, but there’s no official uniform standard judgement for different factories, so same quality goat hair in different hair maybe different, this is the reason why price various a lot even they look the same.

Lower quality goat hair normally use for brushes which are going to use as promotional gifts; for selling products, normally use good quality goat hair. Feather of good quality goat hair are softer(the higher quality, the more softer),  good powder pick-up and release.

In conclusion, there are various different quality makeup brushes hairs, each product has different value and price.  Please contact with Suprabeauty Cosmetic Brush Manufacturers connie@suprabeauty.com go hat more detail.


Thank you.     

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