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Must have eye shadow makeup brush for Butterfly eye makeup

Must have eye shadow makeup brush for Butterfly eye makeup


How do you do butterfly eye makeup?

How do you do butterfly eyeshadow makeup look?


Traditional butterfly eye makeup also says stack type eye shadow or dazzle color eye makeup.

It is colorful eye makeup created with three primary colors and three intermediate colors.  

Then what kind of makeup brush is the best tools for it?


1. Applying basic layer of foundation with white or pearlescent white cream shades, because upper and  lid is large, it is better to use middle size dense hair eyeshadow makeup brush.


2. Apply orange eye shadow on your upper and lower eye lid

The best eyeshadow makeup brush is fluffy eyeshadow brush, according to the conversation of makeup brush factory operation manager, the best hair is squirrel hair, and also can use pony hair and goat hair to take place on it, for vegan or cruelty free consumers, it is better to choose fluffy synthetic hair eyeshadow makeup brush


3.Use fluffy blending brush to cover green eye shadow from the eyelash part with small area. 


4.Apply orange eyeshadow on posterior segment of upper eyelid and the upper nose.


5.Put orange eyeshadow on the lower eyelid as well by fluffy eyeshadow brush


6.Use fluffy small eyeshadow makeup brush to put red eyeshadow on the posterior third section to creat colorful looking.


7.Do the same on the lower eyelid.


8.Use small stiff eyeshadow brush to apply small area matt blue color eyeshadow on the outer corner of upper eyelid


9.Liner your lower eyelid with pear white liquid eyeliner to make it more shiny. 


10.Apply gold eyeshadow on the upper eyelid at the position of eyeball.  


11.Go with black eyeliner at the root of eyelashes.


11.Use stiff eyeshadow brush to soften the eyeliner.

If you have enough patient to move forward, you can go in with a black liquid eyeliner to create the shape of the wings and add details and designs.


When you paint the butterfly wings,  it is very important to use stiff synthetic hair flat top liner brush to create the shape of the wings and add detail on the butterfly.


Please dont hesitate to contact with Suprabeauty our makeup brushes factory to get more information about brush details.  

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