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How do we dry the makeup brushes quickly?

How do we dry the makeup brushes quickly?


Have you ever complained that your makeup brushes are not enough to put different color cosmetics when making makeup applications?   Yes, there are many other color cosmetics powder and liquid cream, sometimes there are not enough brushes, and you will need to re-use the brushes, but what makes you in trouble is that we can not clean the brushes very quickly.



Considering this problem, Suprabeauty developed a kind of synthetic hair that is soft and fast dried. The tool you will need to use to clean and dry your makeup brushes is makeup remover cotton pads.  The steps as below:

1. Put Suprabeauty fast-dried synthetic hair makeup brushes in the water and get cleaned.

2. Use two makeup remover pads to pack the brush head in the middle,  squeeze the hair from bottom to top, and do it repeatedly.

3. Within one second, you can find out the hair is dried, and you can use it for applying other colors and types of cosmetics.


Suprabeauty is a 20years experienced makeup brush manufacturer; we are looking at the trend of makeup tools and consistently trying to develop better makeup tools for consumers.  We offer customization and a private labeling service.  Please feel free to contact us to get a free sample for reference. 

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