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Foundation makeup brush V.S. Bender sponge

Foundation makeup brush V.S. Bender sponge


Blender sponge is a traditional tool for applying foundation, most of consumer use the blender sponge instead of makeup brushes. Anyway, did you notices all the artists use makeup brushes to applying cosmetics?  


Today, I am going to compare the using of foundation makeup brush and blender sponge:


From the video, we can see when you use foundation makeup brush, you can use less liquid foundation to finish the cosmetics applying.  Because there’s no space in the hair, but there’s many spaces in the blender sponge, the sponge would absorb the liquid cream, so you would need more cosmetics.  

After finish the applying of cosmetics, you can see the hand which use foundation brush is more evenly and natural looking, because the tin tips of the hair helps you swab the cosmetics outward, and make the layer thinner, that gives you natural looking.

Finally, the reason to use foundation makeup brush is it is easy clean, easy dried, not easy to have virus.

If any interests to know more information on the products, please let me know. Thanks.

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