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Duo-Fiber brush and duo side brush

Duo-Fiber brush and duo side brush


Among the large number brush options,  many makeup starters are confuse on choosing best brush to put on makeup.   So, many makeup artists work out the solution for the people who wants to limit their makeup brush collection.  Thats the reason where duo-fiber brush come in.


What is duo-fiber brush?

Duo-fiber means the brush is made of multiple bristles that can help create a flawless finish when applying cosmetics to the skin.  At the beginning, many buyers prefer to have goat bristles and vegan synthetic bristles on this brush,  because this option could work perfectly with mineral powder, liquid or cream products,  also super easy to clean and getting dried.

After the creation of bio-synthetic hair,  more than 90% buyers prefer to use bio-synthetic hair and straight synthetic hair for this brush. The materials of this brush is now 100% vegan.  


Whats the benefits of using duo-fiber brush?

What makes the duo-fiber brush a great option is its construction.  The multiple bristles can help create flawless finish natural looking makeup face.

The white synthetic layer bristles is suitable for liquid, creams cosmetics. And the black bio-syntehtic bristles is work perfectly with mineral makeup powders .  

This brush also can use as contouring brush, blushing brush, powder brush, blending brush, etc.  And it also can use as same as your other makeup brushes. The possibilities with a duo-fiber brush are endless, and we should all have one.



And what is duo-end makeup brushes?

Duo-end brush specification is variously,  it can be double end powder brush, one side powder and the other side blending, etc. It depends on the market request. Dual ended brushes is more convenient to pack into your makeup bag when on travel.  And it can be sell as promotion gift for makeup foundation.  


The team of Suprabeauty and REFY designed a  duo brush  ,  combine the great function of duo-fiber brush and duo-end brush.  It is perfectly to blend and buff to ensure a streak-free, natural finish. Sales grows from 5,000pcs to 50,000pcs per month in a year. 

Please dont hesitate to contact with Suprabeauty to design your own makeup brushes. 

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