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  • product name: 100% organic baby bath sponge - natural konjac sponge
  • Product number: WSS9002 natural konjac sponge
  • On time: 2014-09-24
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100% organic baby bath sponge - natural konjac sponge



Item Number WSS9001 natural konjac sponge
Konjac sponge size Dried:10X6X2CM, wet: 13X7X2.5CM

-Gently exfoliates your skin, bringing the natural shine.

-Deep cleanses skin pores eliminating blackheads, dirt & oil.

-Kills acne-causing bacteria.

-Gently balances out the pH of your skin.

-Extra soft texture is ideal for sensitive skins.

-Naturally moisturizes your skin when you wash.

-Ideal for people with Atopy skin disorder (hypersensitive skin)

Packaging 1pc/sealed printed bag with zip lock


What is Konjac (Amorphophallus konjac)?

o que é o konjac?

¿Qué es konjac?

The Konjac Potato or Konnyaku is a perennial plant native to Asia, and can be found growing wild at very high altitudes. A totally natural food source, Konjac is 97% water, rich in mineral goodness and low in calories. Naturally alkaline, Konjac is pH neutral which leaves skin perfectly balanced.


Konjac (Konnyaku) has been used in Korea, Japan and China for over 1,500 as medicine, food, a dieting aid and as a beauty product. Highly prized for its health giving properties the Konjac Sponge was originally created for delicate baby skin.




What is Konjac sponge?


o que é esponja konjac?


¿Qué es la esponja konjac?


Konjac cleansing sponges are 100 percent natural, biodegradable, sustainable, and plant-based. Made with natural konjac fiber—a revolutionary vegetable fiber from the root of the Amorphophallus konjac plant.


It takes 12days from powder to konjac sponge. The process as below:


-Mix konjac powder with water to make cream


-These cream would be put into each mould










Features of Konjac sponge:


1.It is a new concept for skin care.


With pure vegetable fiber, konjac sponge could gently remove the dirt and the residue of cosmetics without oily gloss.


It can deep cleanse pores and make skin breathe freely. Cares delicate and sensitive skin with ultra SPA for your skin every day!!




2.It is 100% organic for skin cleansing.


With unique network texture, konjac sponge could exfoliate and make skin smooth with non-irritating. Enriched natural moisture factor-KGM (Glucomannan), it can moisturize the skin and form the water-locking film on the skin’s surface. Easy to make skin elastic, white and bright.




Benefits to use Konjac sponge (What makes you to choose konjac sponge):


1.100% natural vegetable fibers


2.100% free from impurities and pollutants.


3. Chemical free, toxic free.


4. Eco-friendly.


5. 100% colouring free.


6. 100% additive free.(dried type)


7. 100% biodegradable.